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Field Services

The Sherbrooke Tech & Service team of highly qualified, OEM trained, supervisors, technicians, millwrights, machinists and welders are available for:

Equipment and process inspections
 - full report including recommendations for immediate
   repairs and future shutdowns
Repairs and inspection of equipment
Equipment Installation and relocation
Annual Shutdown services
Laser alignment
Thickness testing
Ultrasonic leak detection
On-site machining
Some of the equipment we work on:
Barking Drums, Washers,
C.B. filters, Repulpers,
Vats, Disc Filters,
Save-alls, Screens,
Pumps, Nozzles,
Circulators, Agitators,
Mixers, Pulpers,
Headbox, Paper machines,
Dryer cans, Syphons,
Turbulator bars, Syphons,
Winders and more...
Some of the jobs we do:
Disc sector rebagging and repair
 -on site or in-house

Headbox repair of interior surfaces
 -welding, replacing cladding and polishing

Barking drum repairs and tire / trunnion
 -regrind, gear reversal

Holey rolls journal rework and polishing

Complete erection services for GL&V supplied products

Laser alignment (Optalign alignment system)
 -shaft to shaft, motor, gearbox, couplings

Turbulator bars

Winder mechanical maintenance

and more...
Our supervisors are also available to supervise
mill-supplied personnel.


At your service:
    Please send all questions or inquiries
    via e-mail
    or call (819)846-5121

(Terms & Conditions)

Emergency or breakdown service:
   24 hours a day / 365 days call (819)846-5121

Suction pickup addition Suction Pickup addition.
Deckle Ring machining Deckle ring machining
GL&V Pulper installation Pulper installation
Dry-dek installation Dry-dek installation