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The Sherbrooke Tech & Service welders are government tested and certified (high pressure - all position 6-G pipe tested) by Emploi-Québec. This certification assures our customers of our qualified personnel.

Welding types

The Sherbrooke Tech & Service welders are Government tested and certified for;
  SMAW - Stick Electrode,
  FCAW – Flux-Core Arc Welding (semi-automatic),
  GMAW – Gas Mig Arc Welding (semi-automatic),
  GTAW – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding – “TIG”,
  SAW – Submerge Arc Welding,

Plasma and Arc-Air:
  For fitting, cutting, gouging, repairing and modifying
  exotic metals.

General Weld Build-Up for:
  Overlay for precision machining or
  hard surfacing “Stellite”.
We are trained and qualified/certified to weld:
  Stainless steel;
  Carbon steel;   Cast iron.
Dye Penetration Inspection
A non-destructive procedure for testing welds and metal surfaces. Water and solvent removable for easy clean-up.
Emergency or breakdown service:
   24 hours a day / 365 days call (819)846-5121

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Welding pulper