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Machining - Flange Facer

With our portable Flange Facer, we can machine equipment in place, reface, bevel, square, counterbore, cut end prep configurations for welding, groove for o rings / seals, machine flanges in place, saving valuable down time and the expense of removing and reinstalling equipment from service.

The mobility of our highly qualified machinists and tools will ensure the restoration of your equipment in the least amount of time at the lowest cost.

Equipment range:

This model allows us to mount to flanges from 10” ID pipe to 36” ID pipe

Machines flange faces from 10” to 42” and over

With this machine we are able to machine in any orientation
Re-machining flanges allows you to rejuvenate corroded surfaces and mechanically damaged surfaces bringing them back into service as originally designed.

Back facing of flanges for clean-up of bolting surfaces.

Flanges can also be reconfigured, stepped or grooved for o-rings and other seal arrangements as required, chamfers, angles and weld preps.

Flange FacerFlange FacerFlange Facer

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